Traffic Management

High-quality road & pedestrian management products

Traffic Management Products

At TTFS, we supply the traffic management industry with a huge range of traffic control supplies to help manage road and pedestrian traffic. When you have road construction projects in progress and need to keep both your team and the general public safe, having quality, highly visible traffic management products are an absolute must.


Traffic Control Supplies for all Your Needs

Our traffic management equipment will ensure you can successfully and safely control traffic in the event of roadworks, construction site or any other major event. At TTFS we stock various equipment including:


Traffic Management Supplies Made for Australian Conditions

To ensure we can continue to keep our high-quality product standards, we manufacture all our traffic management products in-house. Our traffic management products have been designed to retain their high-visibility longer than most, even under extreme exposure to the harsh Australian sun.


When is Traffic Management Equipment Required?

Traffic management equipment is utilised across several different industries. It is used to ensure traffic management tasks (roadworks/construction, large sporting or music events, etc.) are conducted in a safe manner. i.e.

  • Keep pedestrians and vehicles apart
  • Clearly communicate changes in road or pathway conditions
  • Notify drivers of upcoming roadworks and what steps they need to take to ensure safety
  • Ensure site workers are safe

We have stock in our warehouses across Australia, and are supported by depots in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. This ensures we can deliver our traffic management products to you at the best price possible. For all traffic control equipment and supplies, contact the TTFS team today!


What is Traffic Management?

Traffic Management is successfully and safely controlling foot and vehicle traffic in and around sites. These sites could include roadworks, accidents, construction sites, sporting events, music concerts, and so on. Basically, any event or situation where there are changes in traffic conditions.

Who needs a traffic control permit?

This depends on the location and rules and regulations in place by the local governments. Generally speaking, anyone who undertakes on-site manual traffic control tasks at works on a public road has to have a traffic control permit.

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