Crowd Control Barrier

  • Removable feet and easy interlocking system for fast installation
  • Suitable for all industrial solutions, and the harshest environments
  • Hand welded for strength
  • Hot dip galvanised coat after welding for longevity
  • Sturdy lightweight frames stacking or moving
  • Removable/locking feet for stacking and storing ease
  • Flat foot design for avoiding trip hazards
  • Choice of flat foot or claw foot

TTFS™ Crowd Control Barriers are an effective and easy to set up barrier system providing a safe, protected and controlled environment for both pedestrians and vehicles from designated areas.

Our Crowd Control Barriers are designed and manufactured to the highest specification. Our interlocking system and sturdy lightweight frames are easy to assemble and install, stack, remove and store. Our flat foot design prevents tripping hazards and is perfect in areas with pedestrian traffic.

We can also offer our products in a number of powder coated colour options. We currently have Yellow Crowd Control Barrier in stock. By colour coding, this makes crowd management even easier and your barriers stand out Call us on 1300 119 998 to discuss your crowd barrier needs.

TTFS Crowd Control Barriers are Ideal for use at:

  • Construction sites
  • Sporting and social events
  • Festivals,
  • Schools,
  • Concerts, and;
    • Any area needing to be cordon off to prevent entry into a designated “no go” zone, or construction site delineation.

Dimensions (mm): 2100mm x 1100mm x 25mm

Weight (kg): 15kg

Material: Hot dipped galvanised coating- Avg 42 microns/m2

Colour Finish: Nil

Guage/Aperture -mm: Nil

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