Temporary Fencing POOL Clamps

heavy duty galvanised steel

Temporary Fencing Pool Clamps

Clamps are integral component in the installation of a secure temporary fencing system. High quality clamps are structurally important for keeping your fencing system upright and secure.

Our temp fencing pool clamps are manufactured to the highest specifications, meeting Australian Standard A.S. 4687-2007 for Temporary Fencing & Hoardings. They are subject to the same rigorous testing and quality control process as our temp fencing panels, feet and stays.

It is important to avoid cheap imitations, as a flawed and inexpensive clamp can cause damage to temp fence runs, allow unrestricted access to secure areas and exposure to safety risks in hazardous areas.

Our range of clamps include a standard clamp for standard temp fencing and temp fencing pool panels, a clamp suited to our recycled rubber temp fence foot and clamps to fit 40mm panels and feet.

Like all of the quality products in our product range, our temp fence clamps are:

- Hot dipped galvanised high grade steel – - - Min 42 microns
- Designed to withstand the harshest environments
- Easy to use with basic hand tools
- Able to hold secure under tremendous pressure

To speak to one of our experts on 1300175540 to find out which clamps best fit your situation.

We deliver nationwide and are supported by depots in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

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