You might not realise it, but temporary construction fencing is highly flexible and can be utilised in a multitude of different ways. Below are 9 of the best ways we’ve seen portable fencing used, upcycled and recycled in 2023.

1. Building & Construction

Did you know that in Australia it is a legal requirement to have portable fencing erected when building a new home? From the very moment that construction commences all the way until lockup and beyond, you must have portable fencing present.

This law ensures that the portable fencing will keep debris contained during all excavation work, the general public is kept safe from any possible dangers, and your site is protected from unauthorised intrusions or theft.

Not sure who is responsible for portable fencing when building? If work is being completed through a builder, then check that portable fencing is included in your contract. If it isn’t, then question why as portable fencing is standard on most builder contracts.

If you are an owner builder, then you are responsible for your portable fencing. Since you are sourcing and paying, you may be wondering whether it’s better to buy or hire. While hiring portable fencing may seem like the most convenient option, the hidden costs and fees often far outweigh the benefits.

If you’ve built your own home, you’ll know that your work is never truly done – there’ll always be another project to take on. If you need to re-hire your portable fencing several times over, it can become expensive and inconvenient, especially when compared to the ease of having your own portable fencing on hand when needed.

Purchasing your own portable fencing also means you can complete your project in your own time – no worrying about extra fees or needing to re-hire fencing if your project takes longer than you initially thought.

2. Pool Installation

Again, it is a legal requirement to have portable pool fencing present during the installation of your pool, especially if you are residing at the property. Even if there is no one currently living there, you will still need to install a portable pool fence if the pool cannot self-drain. Without self-draining technology, rainwater can accumulate at the bottom of the pool and pose a safety risk.

Pool installers often include the hire and installation of portable pool fencing in their contracts, so make sure you double-check to see if it’s included. Portable pool fencing is also different from the portable fencing used for construction and crowd control purposes. If you are unsure about types of pool fencing, consult with a portable fencing expert such as TTFS.

3. Portable Pool & Spa Fencing

If you think you don’t need a pool fence because you have a blow-up pool or spa, think again. Australian pool fencing laws (Australian Standard AS 1926.1-2012) require that any pool that has more than 30cm of water present in it must have a four-sided portable pool fence placed around it.  

These rules apply to inflatable and above-ground pools, children’s paddling and wading pools, spas, jacuzzis and hot tubs.

Portable pool fencing can be erected around your summer blow-up pool or spa to ensure the safety of your family and guests – and if you’ve bought portable pool fencing, you won’t have to worry about the expense of hiring it on an annual basis.

4. Controlling Crowds

Portable fencing is often utilised for crowd control purposes, especially at large music or community events. It is particularly effective in directing outside traffic, protecting pedestrians, area containment and control of crowd flow.

If you are planning on using portable fencing for crowd control, printed shade cloth or banner mesh signage is highly recommended. It can help point attendees in the right direction of your services and indicates the boundaries of your event.

5. Pets & Animals

Portable fencing can be a great investment if you’re wanting to segment part of your yard or create simple and sturdy safe areas for your pets. It can be purchased in panels so you have the flexibility to make the enclosures as large or small as you’d like.

If you’re doing work in the yard that you want to keep your dog away from, such as weed spraying, concreting or lawn seeding, you can easily fence off a safe area for your pooch. It is also fantastic for securing puppies and kittens for training.

When it comes to your feline companions, portable fencing can be used to build a handy cat runs for your kitties to explore at their leisure.

Many councils across Australia impose curfews on pet cats to ensure they’re not wandering at certain times – particularly at night – and some may even have a permanent curfew, meaning your cat must be on your property at all times.

Cats can be wily creates and are good at jumping fences, so use portable fencing to create an enclosed area for your cat to have some outside time in.  

6. Vertical Garden

Finding yourself short of space in the backyard but still want to create a vegetable or decorative garden?

Affix some terracotta pots or planter boxes to a portable fence panel for your own vertical garden. You could plant herbs, succulents, decorative plants, or even climbing veggies such as vine tomatoes.

Vertical gardens are easy to maintain, easy to change up and experiment with, and are an excellent use of space when you don’t have a lot of room in your backyard.

If you’re planning on building an edible garden nursery in your backyard, combine your portable fence with scaffolding mesh to make a winning combo, creating a safe space for your plants to grow.

7. Kids Play Area

Sometimes it seems the backyard might be a kids-only zone – play equipment, sandpits and toys scattered across your lawn can make it hard to relax in your outdoor area. By purchasing portable fencing and using a bit of creativity, you can create zones in your backyard, so your family can enjoy it in different ways depending on their needs.

Seal off a play area for the children using portable fencing to help keep their toys and play equipment confined to one area. It also means you can be sure of your children’s whereabouts in the backyard and know that they’re in a safe area.

8. Hideaway Garden

Once you’ve figured out the kids’ area, it’s time to focus on your own area. Create a spot where you can go relax and unwind.

Think about adding features like a daybed or outdoor lounge and decorate your portable fencing with climbing plants and fairy lights to create an outdoor atmosphere.

The beauty of portable fencing also means you can keep the kids to their safe area and relax in your own spot – all while being able to keep an eye on what they’re up to!

9. Light Screen

If you’re looking for an innovative way to light the perimeter of your garden or outdoor area, portable fencing panels are the perfect way to do it. Erect the panels along the areas you’d like to illuminate, then weave outdoor lighting through the wire. Solar fairy lights or lanterns will create the perfect whimsical look, so check out your local garden centre for attractive and durable options.

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