Temporary Fencing for Sale

Temporary Fence Panels, Feet, Clamps, Stays, Gates & More.

TTFS provides temp fencing for large commercial building and construction projects, mining and resource sites, the hire industry and civil infrastructure projects.

Our temporary fencing for sale are manufactured to the highest Australian Standard at our own in-house manufacturing facility. We have specifically designed our temp fencing to be able to withstand long-term use within the harsh and unpredictable Australian climate.

All of our temp fence products have been tested by Bureau Veritas, a global leader in product inspection and certification, and comply with current Australian Standards. With locations in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, we can supply our temp fencing solutions in large quantities to anywhere within Australia.

Manufacturing our own temporary fencing for sale ensures that we can keep costs low, ensure quality standards are met, and sell high-quality temporary fence products at competitive prices.

With fully stocked depots in all states, we can dispatch, and in most cases, delivery of temp fencing within 24 hours. Give our experts a call today if you have any questions about our temporary fencing for sale or contact us if you would like to obtain a quote!


What Are the Benefits of Buying Temporary Fencing Over Hiring?
  • Flexibility – Use your temporary fencing when and where you want it.
  • It’s Quicker - You’ll no longer need to call up a hire company, organise payment and delivery. Work on your own timelines and get your projects completed faster.
  • No Terms & Conditions – No damage waiver fees, cleaning fees, or admin costs. These extra charges on top of the normal hire rates can quickly add up and put your project over balance.
  • One Transaction – We all know projects can go over the quote time frame, and that’s where hiring temporary fencing can catch you out. When you hire and require the temporary fencing for longer, you’ll be charged an additional fee to extend your hire period.
  • Save Money – If you know you’ll use your temporary fencing more than once, then buying is definitely the way to go as you will have paid it off in only one or two projects. Plus if you’re savvy then you’ll easily be able to sell on your used temporary fencing when you know you’ll no longer need it anymore.
Why Choose TTFS For Your Temporary Fencing?

TTFS is the leading supplier of temporary fencing to several industries across Australia. We have built a solid reputation for always providing a high-quality product, backed up by competitive pricing, fantastic customer service and product guarantees. With depots in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane, we can deliver Australia-wide within 24 hours direct from our factory.

Who Would Need to Use Temporary Fencing?
  • Building and construction industry.
  • Mining and resource sites.
  • Civil infrastructure projects.
  • Government organisations.
  • Sport organisations.
  • Events and entertainment.
  • Fencing hire and resellers.
  • Agriculture industry.

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