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Brisbane’s Temporary Fencing Experts are Waiting to Give You a Quote!

Our temporary fencing supplies aren’t just the most cost-effective in Brisbane, they’re the best value across Australia! We can deliver your order within 24 hours, and we only offer safe and quality products. Contact the TTFS team today for a free quote!

Do You Need Temporary Fencing or Other Quality Infrastructure Products in Brisbane?

At TTFS, we are much more than just a temporary fencing company. We manufacture and supply Brisbane with a wide range of quality steel and plastic products to keep employees and the public safe from danger on every site and project. 

We are known as Brisbane’s specialist for steel and blow moulded plastic products. Whether you are looking for temporary fencing, printed signage, safety or crowd control barriers, traffic management products, road plates, or barrier mesh, we have everything you could need and more. With our expert team inhouse and offshore manufacturing facilities, you will always receive a high-quality product at the lowest possible price.

As the chosen provider to some of Australia’s biggest companies, we have the stock you need in our Brisbane warehouse and can deliver within 24 hours from ordering for most projects.

Affordable & Fast Brisbane Temporary Fencing When Businesses Need It

TTFS offers a range of quick and cost-effective infrastructure supplies that don’t compromise on quality or safety, including:

Are You a Brisbane Business Looking for Temporary Fencing? Save Some Money and Buy, Don’t Hire.

Brisbane businesses don’t need to be wasting their money on hiring fences when you can simply buy your temporary fencing supplies outright from TTFS. Many Brisbane companies that buy their own temporary fencing have found they make back what they could have been spending on hire in just one or two projects.

Temporary Fences for All of Brisbane’s Industries

We supply temporary fencing products to a variety of Brisbane-based businesses, including:


There is nothing more important than safety when it comes to mining. Our fences may be temporary, but they are built to be heavy-duty. Our resilient temporary fencing supplies will last the test of time.


Queensland loves a bit of sport. Whether it’s cricket or rugby, community-level or professional, we can supply all the safety fences and crowd control barricades for your sporting event.

Fencing Hire & Reselling

We supply our fencing supplies to some of Brisbane’s biggest fencing hire companies. They know they are hiring out a high-quality product to their customers and can rely on us to supply more fencing within 24 hours when needed.


The Queensland government frequently commissions building works across Brisbane and the whole state. These are completed by local contractors who have complete trust in the safety and quality of our temporary fencing products. Due to our commitment to quality and safety (we conform to AS 4687-2007 Temporary Fencing and Hoardings), many of these government partners choose to buy their temporary fencing from TTFS.

The Most Cost-Effective and Quickest Temporary Fencing Solution for Businesses in Brisbane

Since we manufacture all our temporary fencing ourselves, we can keep the sale price low for your business. We are also able to provide guaranteed next day delivery or same day pickup because we aren’t reliant on receiving our fencing from a third party. Having your own temporary fencing means you can set up and take down your temporary fences exactly when you need to – there’s no waiting around for a fence hire business to do the job for you. Your team will be able to build the fence in their sleep within a few jobs! If your project runs overtime, you aren’t stuck with costly hire charges or overtime fees – your temporary fencing is a one-time payment! 


What Are the Benefits of Buying Temporary Fencing Over Hiring?
  • Flexibility – Use your temporary fencing when and where you want it.
  • It’s Quicker – You’ll no longer need to call up a hire company, organise payment and delivery. Work on your own timelines and get your projects completed faster.
  • No Terms & Conditions – No damage waiver fees, cleaning fees, or admin costs. These extra charges on top of the normal hire rates can quickly add up and put your project over balance.
  • One Transaction – We all know projects can go over the quote time frame, and that’s where hiring temporary fencing can catch you out. When you hire and require the temporary fencing for longer, you’ll be charged an additional fee to extend your hire period.
  • Save Money – If you know you’ll use your temporary fencing more than once, then buying is the way to go as you will have paid it off in only one or two projects. Plus, if you’re savvy enough, you’ll easily be able to sell on your used temporary fencing when you no longer need it.
Why Choose TTFS For Your Brisbane Temporary Fencing?

TTFS is the leading supplier of temporary fencing to several industries across Queensland. We have built a solid reputation for always providing a high-quality product, backed up by competitive pricing, fantastic customer service and product guarantees. With depots also located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide, we can deliver Australia-wide within 24 hours direct from our factory.

Who Would Need to Use Temporary Fencing?
  • Building and construction industry.
  • Mining and resource sites.
  • Civil infrastructure projects.
  • Government organisations.
  • Sports organisations.
  • Events and entertainment.
  • Fencing hire and resellers.
  • Agriculture industry.

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