When you first see the temporary fencing on your new block of land is the moment you start to realise that your dream is finally becoming a reality. The excitement is real during this time, but so is the uncertainty.

Do you know everything you need to know about temporary fencing?

Your obligations as a home owner/builder, the length of time temporary fencing should be erected or the costs involved. Read on, we’ve got you covered.

Is it necessary?

Yup! It certainly is necessary my friend. Some states will require it by law under council regulation to ensure that you are complying with OH&S requirements.

Temporary fencing also protects your lovely new home from intruders with nasty motives and ensures that the public is kept safe on the outside away from danger. If an unauthorised person was to enter your site and injure his or herself, then the presence of a fence can help protect you and your builder from any liabilities.

Who’s responsible for erecting the temporary fencing?

If you are building through a licenced homebuilder then they will be responsible for sourcing the temporary fencing for your site. It is likely that they have already built this into the cost of your contract so be sure to check. If fencing is not mentioned then you should be raising the question to avoid unwanted costs later on.

If you are an owner-builder then you will be in charge of sourcing the temporary fencing and, of course, paying for it. Whether you should buy or rent your temporary fencing will depend on how long you will be using it for.

What’s the cost and how long do I need to have temporary fencing up?

Your temporary fencing should be up for the whole period of construction; this means from before the slab is poured until the time your home is complete and you are moving in. It can take anywhere from 6 – 12 months depending on how many levels your house is.

The amount of fencing you will need depends on if there is already permanent or temporary fencing from neighbouring properties. If you’re hiring fencing for all four sides then you will require around 100lm of fencing, three sides and you are looking at around 80lm and 20lm for just one side.

On top of hire time, the cost for temporary fencing is also dependent on whether you need to rehire due to extended construction times. Another cost that can pop up is fencing replacement or repair costs due to lost, stolen or damaged fencing.

What if my builder doesn’t put up any temporary fencing?

First of all you should check to ensure that your contract states that temporary fencing is included. If it is, then you are within your rights to request fencing immediately. Speak to the builder and state all the reasons why you feel a temporary fence needs to be erected, highlighting the fact that both of you are liable for injury and damages.

If you don’t have any success then you could contact your state ombudsmen for assistance. Click here for more information.

The Temporary Fencing Shop has locations across Australia. Get in contact today to discuss your temporary fencing requirements when building a new home on 1300 119 998.

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