We all know the old saying “a man’s home is his castle” but what happens when someone threatens to trespass on your castle?

A trespasser is someone who enters onto land without invitation or implied permission and though laws vary across states in Australia, generally excessive force cannot be used to remove a trespasser.

We all want our homes and properties to be safe, so read on for tips and tricks to ensure you never have to deal with a trespasser.

Use Temporary Fencing Where Required

It’s not just the home you’re living in that needs to be protected from trespassers – new home builds, empty homes that are being renovated and construction sites can be a haven for people looking for trouble!

Unauthorised entry on a building site can leave owners and companies liable for any injuries that could occur to trespassers, and an unprotected site also leaves public property open to possible damages. Therefore, temporary fencing is essential when building a new home.

Your fencing should be of a suitable height to deter unwanted entry, hard to climb, low enough to avoid access from underneath, and be able to withstand strong wind gusts.

When it comes to occupied homes, it’s important to maintain the integrity of your fences and gates – do regular checks to ensure your property is adequately protected. If your fence or gate is damaged in a weather event or accident, consider hiring temporary fencing to fill the gaps until repairs can be made.

Reinforce Your Doors and Windows

We may think the entrances to our homes are tough, but when it comes down to it houses can be easy to breach if proper security measures aren’t installed.

Consider fitting your doors and windows with security grilles and high-quality deadbolts. There’s a lot of tough but aesthetically-pleasing security flywires on the market which will make your home safer, without compromising on look. Security window film is also a great way to keep your home safe from accidental glass breakage or attempted illegal entry. If a window which has security window film applied is smashed or broken, the film will help protect against flying shards of glass, reducing potential safety hazards, as well as prevent illegal entry.

Make sure your locks are installed properly, and the wood around your doors and windows isn’t soft.

Don’t Leave Tools Around for Burglars to Use

Sometimes the last thing you want to do after a hard day of yard work and maintenance is put all the tools away – but leaving them out can mean your home is easier to break into.

Ladders can give access to rooftops where tiles can be removed and manholes accessed, or backyards where windows or doors might be open.

Tools like hammers, screwdrivers and axes could be used to break into your property – or if the trespasser is feeling lazy can simply be stolen, leaving you out of pocket to replace them.

While you’re putting away your tools, consider the security of your garage – garage door locks can be easy to bypass. Or, if no one is home, a trespasser may be tempted to break through the garage door to access cars, tools and the often-unlocked inner door leading to the house.

Upgrade your Lighting as Deterrence

Motion-activated lighting can serve two purposes – it can scare off a potential trespasser while also alerting you to suspicious activity happening around your property.

If you’re heading off on vacation, consider using timer lighting, which can help make your house look like it’s occupied. It might use up a little bit of electricity, but deterring trespassers from breaking into your home more than makes up for it.

Make sure it’s difficult for anyone to quickly remove bulbs from light fixtures around your home, and cultivate a well-lit house – a dark home is much more attractive to a criminal than a brightly lit one.

Install an Alarm System – And Know How to Use it

Consider alarm system options to help protect your house.  Make sure it is correctly installed by hiring a professional to do the installation.

Once it’s installed, educate yourself on how to use it properly – and then remember to set it when required.

Along with an alarm system, you may like to install a surveillance system which can send alerts to your mobile phone if suspicious activity occurs around your property.

Finally, once your systems are installed, consider putting up signage at your property to inform any suspicious lurkers that they’re being watched – it may be enough to deter them from choosing your home to break into!

For more information about how fencing options available from The Temporary Fencing Shop can improve the security of your home, get in contact with us today.

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