Temporary fencing is a necessity when building a new house. Whether you are building your home from scratch, adding a new room to your home or installing a new pool; you’re going to need temporary fencing erected.

Temporary fencing is a legal requirement in all states in Australia when conducting any construction. It protects your property from theft and damage and ensures the public (and your family!) are safe from possible dangers.

Is it cheaper to rent or buy?

Whether temporary fencing is more cost effective to rent or buy depends on your circumstances. If you are an owner-operator with a project that won’t have a long duration, then rental is a good option it will be a low startup cost.


If you do rent then you’ll need to sift through a large amount of temporary fence company offerings so you will want to shop around to find a supplier to suit your needs. Rental company offerings vary and some may provide the added benefit of delivering and installing your fencing correctly, as well as dismantling and removing at the conclusion of your project. It’s important to review all offerings to ensure that you are getting the best out of your rental contract in terms of what is provided and pricing.

The total cost for hiring temporary fencing will depend on how much space the fencing will cover. Most companies charge per lineal metre but this will depend on your location and supplier. There can be hidden costs involved in hiring that you need to be aware of and review in your contract. Damage or missing fencing may set you back unless there is an allowance in the contract. Make note that some rental companies can charge 300-400% of the actual cost to replace damaged fencing so it is vital you review your contract to ensure you are not left with a nasty bill.

If your project dates are extended due to unforeseen circumstances, then there may be extra costs involved in hiring your fencing for a longer period; it might be worth negotiating a grace period.

If you are building with a home and land package, then the home building company will most likely include temporary fencing in your project cost. Be sure to read your contract carefully and do your own independent research. Don’t be afraid to question the cost of fencing if you feel it is unreasonable.


Buying your own temporary fencing is good option if you are an owner operator who is likely to be reusing fencing for other projects, it will be more cost effective as you will be reusing it for more projects. Buying your own fencing can be quite a simple transaction and removes the need for contracts with terms and conditions.

Buying temporary fencing is a cost effective solution for projects that are running over a long-term period and for companies who use fencing on a regular basis.

Another benefit to owning your own fencing is that it will allow you to section off areas at short notice without the hassle of contacting a rental company to provide more fencing which will of course add more costs to your project. This allows you to adapt to varied conditions and eliminates middlemen so that you can install and disassemble as needed.

Costs for buying temporary fencing is usually per panel. Costs can vary greatly between suppliers so you will need to again do your homework to find the best offer.

Temporary fencing also comes in various finishing’s so you will want to do your research as to which finishing best suits your requirements. If you want to save money then you can buy a powder-coated fence with untreated steal but you may end up with flaking fences. If you can afford a better-quality finish, then ensure you’re buying galvanized steel with a powder-coated finish to get the best lasting finish

Something else you should consider when choosing to buy or rent temporary fencing for cost purposes is that companies that sell temporary fencing will have kilometres and kilometres of fencing in stock so you will most likely be able to get fencing at short notice and negotiate in bulk. Rental companies usually require longer notice before being able to dispatch.

For more information on temporary fencing and how to purchase or hire it, please contact us today.

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