TTFS’ range of curb and driveway ramps are the perfect solution for improving your level of workplace health and safety within your building and construction site. They are made from tough but light materials, are very easy to install, and are designed to provide optimal safety during road works and excavations.

Our road plates and trench covers enable continued vehicle access over uneven surfaces, temporarily blocks off large excavated holes, and provides a safe path for pedestrians during repair and maintenance operations.

What Makes TTFS’ Curb and Driveway Ramps Different?

Our range of driveway and curb ramps are made from tough high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and glass-reinforced composite with anti-slip PVC edging. This makes our ramps significantly lighter than steel plates. They are easy to manoeuvre and transport, with even the largest ramp needing only a two-man lift – no crane necessary!

All our driveway and curb ramps have a load-bearing capacity of up to 44 tonnes, meaning they are able to take the weight of heavy vehicles with ease and won’t bend or bow. They are shock-resistant and can withstand the harshest of outdoor conditions and the wear and tear of being present at a construction site.

There are both bolted and unbolted options available and even without a bolt, our driveway and curb ramps will remain stable. This is because they feature anti-slip technology that offers a greater grip for anything crossing it, meaning that our driveway or curb ramps won’t move unexpectedly and the user or vehicle won’t skip or trip on the surface. If site conditions are poor or your risk assessment deems it necessary, a number of our ramps can easily be bolted to the ground.  

Aside from commercial use, our rubber driveway ramps are perfect for crossing over deep curbs, protecting your car from damage and ensuring a crossover can be safely navigated.

We know these high-quality products will last you years, but when it comes time to replace them, the old ramps can be disposed of via recycling. Our range of driveway ramps and curb ramps have a number of applications – read on to find out more.

TTFS’ Range of Driveway and Curb Ramps

Safekerb Curb Ramp

Safe Kerb Pedestrian Ramp |

Compliance legislation around disability access in traffic management means sites must be wheelchair accessible.

The Safekerb is a pedestrian and wheelchair curb ramp that is made of high-density polyethylene with flexible PVC edging, and has a load-bearing capacity of up to 350kg.

It also features anti-slip technology to increase traction.

Supagrip Safekerb Curb Ramp

Safekerb Supagrip

The Supagrip Safekerb curb ramp features an anti-slip surface and raised sides.

It is stable without bolting and does not need to be fixed in most applications, however, can be bolted down if needed. 

Weighing only 10kg, it is compact and easily stackable for quick transport and storage.

LowPro Anti-Slide Pedestrian Ramp

LowPro10x10 Road Plate

Heavier than traditional trench covers thanks to its PVC anti-slip edge, the LowPro Anti-Slide Pedestrian Ramp takes up any cambers in the pavement and reduces trip hazards for pedestrians.

It can cover a 700mm trench and supports up to 500kg.

LowPro Anti-Slide Utility Ramp

LowPro Road Plate

Larger than the pedestrian ramp, the LowPro Anti-Slide Utility Ramp is made from glass reinforced composite, and it is highly stable without the need for bolting.

As with the pedestrian version, the PVC anti-slip edges can be replaced, making this a long-lasting and quality product.

LowPro Driveway Ramp

LowPro Road Plate

The LowPro Driveway Ramp is lighter than steel road plates, making it easy to manoeuvre and transport.

The central section is made from glass reinforced composite and it features gas vents and probe holes as part of its design.

TTFS’ Range of Driveway and Curb Ramps

TTFS is the leading supplier of road plates and trench covers to several industries across Australia. We have built a solid reputation for always providing a high-quality product, backed up by competitive pricing, fantastic customer service and product guarantees.

With depots in MelbourneSydneyPerthAdelaide and Brisbane, we can deliver Australia-wide within 24 hours direct from our factory. For any enquiries, contact the TTFS team by sending an enquiry, emailing [email protected] or calling 1300 119 998!

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