Your fence is often the first impression guests will have of your home, so it’s important that the fencing materials you choose will complement the style of your property.

What fencing material you choose will also depend on your lifestyle. Do you prefer your property to be open and have kerb appeal, or would you like to create your own little private paradise in suburbia?

Fences separate adjoining properties and provide safety, but having a good fence doesn’t mean your home needs to look like a prison. In fact, the right fencing material can even add value to your property.

Building a fence in the 21st century means there are plenty of options when it comes to materials, so read on to find out what might work for your home.

We’ll even take you through the value of a material that many forget about – such as temporary fencing.

Picket Fencing

picket fencing materials - the temporary fencing shop TTFS

A classic fencing material and the dream of many home-owners – a white picket fence!

Picket fences stand out from the crowd thanks to their shaped top. They are also often painted in one or a variety of colours and can even be stained for a more rustic or unique look.

Most picket fencing works well with a traditional or federation-style home, though keep in mind they do come with maintenance – you’ll need to redo them roughly every five years or so.

Timber Fencing

timber fencing materials - the temporary fencing shop TTFS

Similar to a picket fence but a much more modern style – timber as a fencing material is popular all around Australia thanks to its affordability and versatility.

Timber fencing is often left to weather as part of their style, so they have less upkeep than a picket fence.

They can be made with treated pine or hardwood, depending on what best suits your fencing needs.

Timber fencing material is versatile, meaning it complements a range of different home styles, and pairs particularly well with late 20th century and contemporary houses.

Metal Fencing

metal fencing materials - the temporary fencing shop TTFS

The ultimate in home security and modernity, you can’t beat a metal fence for durability.

Metal fences are easy to erect, readily available and are very low-maintenance.

If you share boundaries with an adjoining property, metal or steel panels are ideal as a separating fence.

Metal balustrades are perfect for a secure but subtle fence for the front of your property, and look especially fantastic with modern, mid-to-late 20th century or art deco-style homes.

Metal fencing materials can also be bought in a variety of colours, meaning you can replicate the look of a coloured timber fence, but with the added durability and strength of metal.

Stone and Brick Fencing

stone fencing materials and brick fencing materials - the temporary fencing shop TTFS

Sturdy and low-maintenance, brick offers a classic and warm look for fencing and will last for many years.

Depending on the design, brick fencing materials will work beautifully with several different home styles, and pairs particularly well with classic art-deco homes and bungalow-style homes.

A potential drawback of brick fencing is the expense involved, and you may also need a professional builder to install it.

If you’re looking for a more modern look but still want to use brick, consider painting the brick or rendering it.

Temporary Fencing

temporary fencing materials - the temporary fencing shop TTFS

While temporary fencing may not have the aesthetic look of many other fence materials, it can still be an important piece in your fencing needs!

If you’re building your own home, you’ll need temporary fencing to meet local law and health and safety requirements – it will also protect your property from theft and damage, and ensure the public is safe from possible dangers.

Temporary pool fencing is also legally required during the construction of a pool for the safety of your family, construction workers and visitors. It must meet the regulations of local councils, and you’ll need to use the correct and safe temporary fencing installation procedures to avoid any potential issues.

If you’re renovating your home, most councils in Australia require you to properly fence off the area that’s being renovated, and you could face hefty fines if you don’t.

To purchase temporary fencing for your new home, speak to the team at The Temporary Fencing Shop on 1300 119 998 or visit one of our depots Australia-wide in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

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