Shade cloth is a fantastic addition to your temporary construction fencing – it gives you the opportunity to show off your branding if you use printed shade cloth, as well as ensuring that dust and debris is contained to your site.

It can also add privacy and protection from the elements, and is flexible, durable, and cost-effective!

In this blog, we’ll take you through tips and tricks on how to attach shade cloth to a temporary fence.

Make sure you order the right size and shade cloth fabric

This may seem obvious – but there’s a trick to making sure you are ordering the right size shade cloth for your fence. Shade cloth is flexible and has some stretch to ensure that it can be pulled taut – and how it will be attached to the fence makes a difference as well. Some shade cloth fabric comes with reinforced eyelets that can be used for hanging, but some shade cloths may require DIY hems if needed.

There are also a range of different types, such as printed, standard and fire retardant. Our experts can help you choose the type that best suits your needs and talk you through the correct measurements!

Add extra bracing to your temporary fence

Installing shade cloth to your fence can force it to act as a wind sail in high gusts, so you’ll need to ensure you add extra bracing to cater for this.

Using stays and feet adds extra strength and stability to your temporary fencing, and will keep it upright during high wind conditions. Stays are particularly important in long runs of temporary fencing.

Tools and accessories to install shade cloth

Fixing shade cloth to temporary fencing is simple – both Jambro ring fastener gun or cable ties/zip ties are perfect for the job.

Jambro ring fastener guns are used to attach shade cloth and signage to the fence using fasteners. These are high tensile clips that are quick to load and attach to the fence, allow for easy accuracy and save time when installing on long stretches of fencing.

While cable ties, butterfly clips or zip ties are somewhat fiddlier, they are just as effective and durable and are ideal if you have a shorter length of shade fabric to attach to temporary fencing.

Both Jambro clips and zip ties or cable ties are easily placed through the holes of the shade cloth banner or can be poked through the cloth itself and can be used on steel and timber fences.

How to hem shade cloth

If you’ve chosen a shade fabric that does not have reinforced eyelets to attach it to your fence, you can create your own hem to ensure a durable and custom fit!

If this is the case, when you cut the shade fabric make sure you add about 10cm to the height and width of it– this gives you room to hem.

Lay your shade cloth roll out on a work surface and fold the top edge of the fabric down about 3cm, then fold the same edge down again. Use a stable gun to staple the folds together and repeat every 15cm to create your hem.

Repeat for the other three sides to create a hem around the perimeter.

DIY shade cloth installation steps

Whether you’re using shade cloth fabric with reinforced shade cloth eyelets or one that you’ve hemmed yourself, the steps below will help you achieve a well-tensioned installation.

  1. Starting from the left corner, hold your shade cloth against the temporary fencing. If you’ve hemmed it, make a hole 2cm from the edge, otherwise use the reinforced eyelet. Push a cable tie through the hole and wrap it around the upper bar of the temporary fence panel and pull the tie closed tight or use a Jambro gun to fasten the cloth.
  2. Repeat this process for the left-hand bar of the fence panel to hold the shade fabric secure. Pulling the top edge of the fabric tightly against the upper bar, attach it at intervals of about 30cm along the upper bar until you reach the right side of the fence. Leave the last tie loosely tensioned.
  3. Attach the cloth tightly to the right-side panel 2cm from the upper bar. Go back to the last tie on the upper bar and tighten it so there is tension.
  4. Repeat the process on all the edges. On the right edge, left edge, and bottom edges, ensure that you pull the shade fabric snugly against the fence to keep the covering smooth.

If you have any queries on the best shade cloth for your fence, contact our team on 1300 876 614 – we’ll be happy to take you through the process and provide additional advice!

TTFS for all your shade cloth requirements

TTTFS has a range of heavy-duty shade cloths suitable for any outdoor requirement. Shade cloths are suitable for any building or construction site as it’s designed to add privacy, safety and even brand awareness if you opt for our printed shade cloth.

Our range of shade cloth rolls comes in many different colours and includes the following:

Australia wide delivery

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