Construction sites are often overlooked as a major marketing opportunity. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, brand signage on a construction site can have a ripple effect, promoting your brand to a wide range of audiences, including passers-by, potential clients, and even subcontractors. By leveraging the power of outdoor advertising, you can create a strong, visible brand presence that makes an impact.

In this blog post, we’ll explain why brand signage on construction sites is an untapped marketing strategy that has the power to get your brand noticed for all the right reasons

The benefits of brand signage on construction sites

Utilising brand signage on construction sites can offer numerous benefits to businesses. Firstly, printed solutions such as banner mesh or shade cloth can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your construction site, making it instantly recognisable and memorable.

Construction sites are often associated with chaos and disruption, which can create a negative perception of your brand. By incorporating visual elements that reflect your brand identity, you can mitigate these negative associations and create a professional image that instils confidence in your customers.

Custom printed shade cloth rolls

Printed shade cloth is the most economical option for custom brand signage on your temporary fence runs. Shade cloth rolls are easily attached to your fence or scaffold, and at 50m long by 1.8m high, they are perfect for long temporary fence runs.

Shade cloth advertising not only looks great and promotes your brand, but stands up to outdoor use, providing shade with a 70% or 50% UV block out. It also helps to keep your site clean and tidy, by controlling dust and debris. Shade cloth materials come standard with button holes to be easily attached to your fence, using cable ties or Jambro fasteners.

Our custom shade cloth rolls are much stronger than your average domestic shade cloth. Made from a knitted mesh made using a heavy duty monofilament thread of UV UV-protected high-density Polyethylene (HDPE), with TTFS products using high-quality UV-protected inks for printing.

TTFS printed shade cloth rolls are built to last. We guarantee they will stand the test of time in Australian conditions with a five-year warranty on the cloth and two years on the print.

Custom printed shade cloth, with brand signage for TTFS.

Custom printed premium banner mesh

For highly visual branding signage, our printed banner mesh makes an impression. Premium banner mesh is the highest quality and most popular printed mesh product we sell at TTFS. Attract the eye of passing traffic, banner mesh displays permit airflow which makes them ideal outdoor exposure on your site.

We have three different grades of banner mesh, each serving its own purpose:

Premium banner mesh

  • Available as a full print or part print on white.
  • 1.8m x 50m or 1.6 x 50m roll.
  • Custom-sized banners are also available in the banner mesh.
  • Visually superior print quality.
  • Welded edges and eyelets are included to easily attach to your fence.
  • Great for privacy yet still breathes and permits airflow.

Standard banner mesh

  • Suitable for use in high-wind areas
  • Available as a full print or part print on white
  • 1.6m high by 50m rolls
  • Comes as a standard with button holes and welded edges
  • Can be printed up to 5m high

Banner mesh lite

  • Available as full-colour print, end-to-end, top to bottom or part print on white
  • 1.8m x 50m roll
  • Welded edges and eyelets included to easily attach to your fence
  • Great for privacy yet still breathes and permits airflow

Custom printed banner mesh signage, with TTFS logo.

TTFS custom brand signage for your construction site

Using brand signage on construction sites is a highly effective marketing tool that can significantly enhance brand visibility and awareness. By strategically placing custom signs like shade cloths and banner mesh around your construction site, you can create a strong brand presence that will help you stand out from your competitors.

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