Cyclists can crash, construction sites are dangerous. Pedestrian barriers help to guide the public and keep them safe. Speciality designed crowd control barriers are a go-to solution for event managers who are expecting a large crowd. Crowd control barriers are used in a range of industries, from events and entertainment to construction.

Crowd Control Barriers make a very simple statement of ‘no access permitted’. Crowd Control Barriers are not just used to control a crowd, many different industries use them for many different functions, and these are just a few:

1. Overall Security

Industries such as entertainment, construction and even the education industry use crowd control barriers as a security precaution. Crowd Control Barriers create a barricaded area to either keep students in a school precinct or to protect the public from a dangerous construction zone. Crowd control barriers mark zones to show the public areas that can be accessed and areas that cannot. You can also use crowd control barriers to create areas to allow people to walk or run in a race (marathon event) without being interfered with by the general public.

2. Avoiding theft and damages to property/ site.

Your private property has many valuables, so when renovating you will take any steps to ensure the safety of your property. Valuables are not only at risk when a property is not properly detained it also faces the risk of damages such as graffiti. The same precautions should be taken for events, expensive equipment and valuables should be kept in a detained area and crowd control barriers make it very easy to set up, lock up and have peace of mind. The construction industry is a high user of sub-contractors, who require a high level of site security for plant and other equipment.

3. Queue Barriers

Is your event a ticket-only event? Crowd control barriers will give your staff the confidence to allow members into your event. Due to the size of crowd control barriers, they are the most practical solution to creating queues at events. Creating a zig-zag line will improve space efficiency and overall event efficiency. Lines can be used for food, toilets and even carnival rides! Crowd Control barriers will organise large crowds and popular locations at your event for you.


4. Advertising

Yes, you read that right. Did you know that you can use your crowd control barriers as a form of advertising? Crowd control barriers can not only be ordered in a range of branding colours and sizes but you can also choose to invest in custom printed shade cloth or banner mesh to spread the word of your brand at your event.

Does your crowd control barricade area get many passers-by? Are you expecting a high amount of traffic at your event? Custom brand your crowd control barriers in order to increase company awareness and brand personality.
TTFS steel crowd control barriers are manufactured to the same quality standards and rigorous testing procedures as our temporary fencing products. They are hand welded for strength, have an easy interlocking system for installation and removable feet to easily stack and store. Our pedestrian/crowd control barricades will improve safety and queuing systems. With a flat foot design to prevent trip hazards and meet your OH&S requirements you can rest assure that you’re buying the highest quality crowd barriers on the market in Australia.

Our crowd control barriers are for sale as a galvanized finish and powder coated in a high-vis safety yellow. We can also manufacture custom colour powder-coated crowd control barriers – minimum order quantities may apply. Alongside this, we can offer printed shade cloth to increase branding at your event or on your mine site.

Give us a call on 1300 119 998 or enquire online to order TTFS barriers direct from the manufacturer at a highly competitive price. We offer delivery within 24 hours to anywhere in Australia.

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