Temporary Fencing Feet are used to stand your fence upright and hold it in place. There are a range of different fencing feet available so we thought we would put together a quick guide to explain the differences between eco block and blowmould fence feet.

Eco Block Temporary Fence Feet

Our eco block fence feet are made from recycled blowmoulded plastic and weigh 20kg complying with Australian National one-man lift regulations and wind rating B. They are a longer shape which allows for greater support for your temporary fencing set up.

Eco Block Features

  • Black/grey in colour
  • Superior design for easy handling and fitting
  • Complies with Australian National One-Man Lift regulations and Wind Rating B
  • The longer shape allows for greater support quality mould to suit the harshest Australian climates
  • Won’t leave concrete on playing fields or car parks reducing environmental and safety issues
  • Compliance with highest safety and environmental issues
  • Recycled material so it’s better for the planet

Our eco blocks are certified and tested to Australian Standards. Enquire about our eco block fence feet today!

Concrete Blowmould Temporary Fence Feet

Our blowmoulded temporary fencing feet are highly visible safety orange colour, with UV and Anti-aging added to the plastic with Australian made Masterbatch.

The fully encased quality mould suits the harshest Australian environment and ensures no concrete debris are left on site reducing environmental and safety issues. Like the eco block, they are most effective when used in conjunction with our temporary fence panels, stays, and clamps.

Temporary fence feet can also be utilised as a heavyweight block, for anchor weights in marquees, tarps etc.

Blowmoulded Features

  • Safety Orange in colour
  • UV and anti-aging – 5 year warranty
  • Won’t leave concrete on playing fields or car parks reducing environmental and safety issues
  • Easy to fit and use
  • Superior design for easy handling
  • Quality mould for the harshest industry environments

Our blowmoulded feet are certified and tested to Australian Standards. For more information on our blowmould fence feet, please fill in an enquiry form of contact our friendly team today.

Closer Look at Masterbatch

What is Masterbatch?

Masterbatch is a concentrated mixture that is added to plastic in the initial manufacturing stages. It has enhancing properties, making products Anti-Static, UV-Stable, Anti-Aging and Dust-Free which can minimise health and safety risks.

Masterbatch has an optimum dispersion of pigments/additives ensuring colours are even, they don’t fade and they are durable and long-lasting.

Why Australian Made Masterbatch?

TTFS Temporary Fence Feet are designed and manufactured to the highest standard you will find in the Temporary Fencing Industry. Many other temporary fencing provider’s feet often fade in Australian conditions. This is not ideal when the fence feet can be a safety hazard and need to be highly visible on construction sites.

We design our temp fence feet with harsh Australian climates in mind which is why Australian Made Masterbatch is utilised as a solid colour concentrate and protectant. This assists us in ensuring our feet are compliant with the highest Safety and Environmental Guidelines and means our customers get high quality products, that are the safest for your site.

TTFS product development with Nuplex

Brett Staples, Market Development Manager, at Nuplex Masterbatch Group, had the following to say about us TTFS working with Nuplex to further develop our quality products.

“Nuplex Masterbatch was approached by TTFS to assist in design and development of a colourfast and durable colour for their Safety Orange Blowmoulded Temporary Fence Feet.

Their aim was to have a superior performing product to what their competitors are sourcing out of China, with poor colour retention and high levels of premature product failure.

With longevity and a high-performance product in mind, Nuplex were tasked with developing something that was robust and durable and would retain its colour integrity, as well as supplement physical and performance properties of the resin for the total service life.

Upon completion of the development and testing phase, Nuplex Masterbatch commenced commercial supply to TTFS. This supply relationship continues to be ongoing with other commercial product developments and supply to TTFS.”

Using Nuplex Masterbatch in our Temporary Fence Feet is just one example of our continued research, development and rigorous testing that helps us produce the highest quality products in the Australian Temporary Fence industry.

TTFS For All Your Fencing Feet Requirements

Our temporary fence feet are designed and manufactured to the highest standard you will find in the temporary fencing industry. We can supply high volume orders for any industry needing superior products, on-time at a competitive price.

Our range of feet are ideal for construction fencing, temporary pool fencing and stays/bracing and can be delivered to your business within 24 hours* from order. We have various types of feet to meet different applications and regulations, including health and safety and environmental standards. In addition to our blowmould and eco block fence feet we are the manufacturer of the following:

TTFS Guarantee on Fence Feet

At TTFS we pride ourselves on the high quality of all our fencing products. Our temp fencing feet have a 5 year UV and Anti-Aging guarantee to stand up to the harsh Aussie climate. We use Nuplex Australian Made Masterbatch in the plastic coating to make sure the feet don’t fade to minimise health and safety risks and even have an environmentally friendly option.

Give our friendly team a call on 1300 841 782 and we can guide you.

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