Renovations and additions are an exciting time that can improve the livability and sustainability of your home with careful planning, thoughtful design and a considered choice of builder.

But during this time you need to consider how you are going to keep your family members, pets and property secure and safe.

1. Security

Renovating reduces the overall security of your property, a property that is under the process of construction becomes a target for explorers and theft.
It is important to implement barriers in order to keep out any unwanted visitors (even the harmless ones, as a construction site can be very dangerous). You can take small steps such as installing temporary fencing around your property, installing security cameras and even hiring help in order to keep your property off the hot list.

2. Supervision

It’s best for your children and pets to have no access to a renovation site where possible, completely removing them from the house is the best option in terms of safety. However, if you are left with no choice supervision is required as a renovation site will have many hazardous elements that can be harmful to the well-being of your children and pets.

3. Experts (Reliable Contractors)

Some of the work that has to be done during renovating can be outside the scope of an ordinary person’s abilities. There is a reason why professional construction workers exist and you should not hesitate to call upon professional help when required. It is important to remember that hiring help for a project will not only ensure that your renovations are being done to a high standard also a cost-efficient option compared to the costs associated to a mess-up.


4. Dust, Toxins, Tools & Other Harmful Elements

Your renovation space should be well ventilated, this will prevent elements such as waste, fumes and dust residue from affecting the health of you, your family & any hired help. You can do this by sealing off parts of the house you’re not renovating and covering the floor with plastic sheets.

Pregnant women and children should keep away from the worksite, and neighbours should seal their windows and doors where possible. Eat away from the renovation site, and always wash your hands and face before consuming food.

Trip and hazards: Clean up materials and put away tools as you go. Always disconnect power tools when not in use.

5. Safety Gear

Whatever the work that you might be doing, it should not be done in clothing that does not offer protection. Construction is hard work which carries a lot of health hazards (both visible and invisible) with it. Having personal protective equipment (like hard hats, safety vests, protective gloves, earmuffs, glasses, etc) will ensure that even if something does go wrong, the injuries are kept to a minimum. Also, this equipment will protect the workers against possible chronic injuries that might occur, such as asthma from too much dirt entering the lungs and similar cases.

Are you currently building or renovating? Remember that temporary fencing is a requirement for the safety of all involved. If you are confused and need guidance, give TTFS – the temporary fencing specialists a call on 1300 119 998 and we can help.

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