Timber construction hoarding and galvanised steel fencing are the two most sought-after materials used for temporary fencing on construction sites. When considering which material is right for you it is important to weigh in the crucial factors that will contribute to the lifespan of your fence.

Each material has a distinctive set of characteristics that make it the right or wrong choice for your fence. Whilst they both do the job, it is important to choose the right material for you. Research the pros and cons of each, or speak to us at TTFS, before you make your decision to ensure you are happy with your fencing for years to come.

In this article, we compare timber hoarding and galvanised steel fencing by exploring four main factors – durability, maintenance, cost and security.

Timber Hoarding

Timber fence hoarding consists of wooden boards that are reinforced and set in concrete. Timber site hoarding is often used as construction hoarding or at large events to keep people out of the secured area.


Environmental factors such as rain, crosswinds and UV sun rays can take their toll on a timber hoarding fence. Wood can become warped after constant exposure to Australia’s harsh climate and eventually, a strong gust of wind will be all it takes for your fence to come down.

Termites also pose a large threat to timber hoarding systems, eventually breaking down strong sturdy planks to twig-like weakness.


Whilst timber hoarding temporary fences are exposed to harsh environmental factors repairs become necessary in order to keep the fence intact and strong for the years to come. It is important to note that timber fence hoardings have ongoing costs for care and treatments in order to get the best lifespan and use of your temporary fencing.


The main benefit of timber hoarding temporary fencing is that timber is an inexpensive material and can be very easily cut, carved and hammered together. Timber hoardings have a lower up-front cost but they do have on-going costs for care, treatments and repairs.


Timber hoardings that have been weakened by environmental elements are easy to snap and be knocked over, allowing easy access to burglars or predators.

Galvanised Steel Temporary Fencing

Galvanised steel is the result of coating the steel with zinc. This makes the material stronger and more durable.


Natural elements are ineffective against steel temporary fencing and pre-galvanised steel fencing is resistant to rust. So once a structure is up, it requires no weather-related repair.


A quality galvanised steel temporary fencing panel will not require much maintenance or repairs. Again the galvanised steel is resistant to rust and as provided fittings (screws, hinges, welds etc) are also galvanised, your fence will give you many years.


Galvanised steel fencing tends to be more expensive up-front. However, once that initial investment is made there are little to no ongoing costs for the future of the fencing. In the long run galvanised steel building site hoarding is more cost-effective.


Galvanised steel temporary fencing provides a strong, sturdy and reliable barrier between your construction site and the public ensuring that no unwanted visitors have access to your building site.

Remember to always choose quality over quantity, you want to feel confident that your building site hoarding will provide the safety barrier that you require.

In Summary

  Timber Hoarding Galvanised Steel
Durability Not as durable. Can become warped over time when exposed to different weather conditions. Very durable. Galvanised steel is resistant to rust and will not warp.
Maintenance Ongoing repair and maintenance to keep the fence intact and strong. Won’t require much maintenance or repair.
Cost Lower up-front cost but they do have on-going costs for care, treatments and repairs. Higher up-front cost, however, there is little to no ongoing costs.
Security The initial hoarding will be strong, however without the necessary maintenance and repairs, the wood can weaken and become easy to snap and be knocked over. Provides a strong, sturdy and reliable barrier between your construction site and the public.

Why is Construction Hoarding Used?

Construction hoarding is commonly used around many types of construction sites, such as if you are doing major home renovations or building a new home. In fact, most councils require you to properly fence off the area that’s being worked on, and you could face hefty fines if you don’t. Construction site hoarding is used to:

  • Abide by health and safety rules and regulations
  • Separate the general public from the construction site
  • Improve site security by preventing unauthorised access
  • Allow for controlled access to the site for contractors and equipment

Construction hoarding, whether in the form of timber hoarding or galvanised steel will protect your building site, workers and the general public. To purchase temporary fencing for your construction site, speak to TTFS today by calling 1300 119 998 or visit one of our depots Australia-wide in AdelaideBrisbaneMelbournePerth and Sydney.

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