Shade cloth is a well priced product that’s extremely durable and also versatile. You can purchase it in a roll format from any home & garden store which makes it a very handy item to store at home for use when the need arises. Below we list our top 8 DIY uses for shade cloth around the house.

1. Make a sail shade for your backyard


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An obvious use but for very good reason, shade cloth has a 70 – 90% UV block out so it’s made for the purpose of creating shade. Do it right an, erecting a shade sail in your backyard can add value to your home and also create a more usable space in your backyard. Try this clever guide on Do it Yourself’s website.

2. Cover your sand pit

Having your very own sand pit as a child is the absolute bomb but no so much if you have neighbours with cats. Finding the buried treasure of a different kind can be a real problem and one you may not want to have to address with your neighbours for fear of creating conflict. Try building your own cover for your sandpit with this clever guide.

3. Make a hammock for your cat

Cat’s love to lounge in weird places, any cat owner knows this. Usually, it’s on that expensive new piece of furniture that you’ve just purchased, it somehow automatically becomes theirs. How about creating a personal hammock for your cat? This simple tutorial will show you how to do it and your cat just might thank you by NOT sleeping on your fancy furniture.

4. A retractable pergola

retractable pergola


Sun. Too much and too little can be an issue. You want balance; sun when you want it and shade when you need it. So how about building this clever DIY retractable pergola? You can have your cake and eat it too!

5. Line your pot plants

Water draining too quickly can be a major issue for potted plants, optimal water retention is important to keep them well hydrated. Try this hand hack – trace the bottom of your pot on an off-cut of shade cloth, cut it out and place in the bottom of your pot before filling it with soil and planting.

6. Fix your broken fly screen

It the fly screen on your security door is damaged you can try fixing it yourself with shade cloth. Using shade cloth has its benefits – it’s more difficult to see through so offers more privacy and it is also made of a fine weaver which will keep annoying bugs out.

7. Create some shade for your veggie patch

Some hotter and drier climates can be too intense for vegetable growing. If you live in one of these climates, try building your own shade canopy to protect your crop from the intensity of direct sunlight without blocking out natural light,

8. UV blocker for your car

Shade cloth can be used as a handing UV blocker for your car windscreen as well. Practice keeping a piece cloth in your boot – a bit longer than your windscreen. When needed simply place it on the inside of your car windscreen and secure tightly in each of the side front doors. No more burns on the steering wheel!


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