Machinery is a valuable investment for any construction business. However, it creates a challenge unique to the industry – protecting the worksite machinery overnight.

When construction projects have ceased for the night, equipment can be spread out over a large area, making it difficult to watch everything, opening up an opportunity for thieves and vandals.

Putting security precautions in place to protect machinery and equipment overnight is crucial to minimising the risk of theft. This article will discuss five ways you can protect your machinery overnight. With these tips, you can deter thieves and keep your equipment safe!

5 Ways To Secure Worksite Machinery Overnight

1. Surround Your Site With Temporary Fencing

Temporary construction fencing is effective in securing a worksite overnight. It is affordable to buy temporary fencing, is only required to be set up at the start of construction, and will make it more difficult for intruders to access your site and machinery.

Even if intruders manage to climb into your worksite, if your temp fencing is securely locked, it will be very difficult for thieves to take heavy machinery and equipment. If you would like to protect your site with fencing, TTFS have competitive priced fencing for sale.

Purchasing your temporary fencing can be a cost-effective solution if you know you’ll require it for many more projects and if your team is trained to set up the temporary fencing before each construction project.

2. Install Security Cameras

Construction site security cameras.

Installing security cameras is a great way to protect your worksite machinery.

Thieves are deterred from stealing equipment when they know there is a good chance of getting caught on camera. However, if your equipment is stolen or vandalised, security cameras can catch thieves in the act and provide evidence for police investigations.

When positioning security cameras, ensure that the camera angle covers areas where machinery is stored. If possible, also try to position security cameras to cover all site entry and exit points. This will help prevent thieves from sneaking onto the site undetected.

3. Install Sensor Lights

Construction site sensor lights.

Illuminating your worksite when an intruder is detected is a great way to scare away thieves or get a better image of the intruders on your security cam.

Another great benefit of having sensor lights on a worksite is that they can alert security guards to movement on the site.

When installing sensor lights, you should place them around all entry and exit points of the site. This will help deter intruders from stealing anything as they know they have been detected.

It is also beneficial to set up sensor lights where the machinery and equipment is stored. So, if thieves do steal anything, and you have cameras set up, you should have a bright video of them in the act that you can pass onto the police and your insurance company.

4. Invest In Industrial Locks

Industrial lock and chain.

Another great way to protect your equipment is by investing in industrial locks.

One of the benefits of industrial locks is they are tough for thieves to break through. This will often deter opportunists as they know it will take time and effort to steal the machinery, and they may get caught in the lengthy process.

5. Plant GPS Tracking Devices on Machinery and Equipment

Maps GPS tracking system.

If you want to take some extra measures, it is worth considering planting GPS trackers on your equipment. This could be in the form of a tag that emits a signal that can be followed by satellite, or even just a simple sim card that will send out its location if moved.

This way, if the worst does happen and your equipment is stolen, you have a much better chance of getting it back quickly and without too much damage being done.

Protect Your Worksite Overnight with TTFS

So there you have it! Five great ways to protect your worksite machinery overnight. If you want to secure your worksite with temporary fencing, at The Temporary Fencing Shop, we supply a range of temporary fencing products at a competitive price.

Should you need any assistance deciding which products are right for you, don’t hesitate to phone us on 1300 841 782 or fill in an online enquiry form.

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