When choosing temporary fencing you want to be confident in the safety of your fencing. The temporary fencing industry is a fiercely competitive one, with companies now offering panels of different sizes, materials and prices.

There are a few simple things to remember and steps to take, that will make the experience easier and assist you in choosing the best quality temporary fencing for your budget.

1. Do you offer a guarantee for your products?

Guarantees are very important as Temporary fencing is an investment that you can use on your sites for years to come, so the last thing you want is to have the materials and product fail, leaving you with the costs of replacements and downtime.

2. Do your products and manufacturing methods conform to current Australian standards?

In Australia there are strict requirements for temporary fencing, ensure that the fencing is tested in Australia and in compliance with Australian Standards.

4. What materials are your fencing made from?

In order to purchase quality temporary fencing, you must ask what materials the fencing is made of, it is also important to note that some materials are not made to Australian standards and quality.

TTFS Fence

5. Do you have any testimonials I can read?

Testimonials are another essential thing to check before settling with any fencing company. It is always a wise idea to do your research of what customers have had to say about the quality of the service and end product because you don’t want to waste your time and money.

6. How long have you been in the temporary fencing industry?

Fencing businesses that have been around for many years can proudly boast of experience. These companies are the best to purchase/hire your temporary fencing from as they have the expertise and experience in the industry.

7. Why should I buy rather than hire temporary fencing?

Hiring temporary fence is not cost effective, buying a temporary fence means:

  • You can use your fence when and where you want
  • Buying is a simple transaction with no terms and/or conditions
  • No extra costs for extending hire periods
  • No expensive costs or lengthy paperwork procedures if damaged
  • Paid for in only one to 2 projects

Remember to always choose quality over quantity, you want to feel confident that your temporary fencing will provide the safe barrier that you require.
Are you currently building or renovating? Remember that temporary fencing is a requirement for the safety of all involved. If you are confused and need guidance, give temporary fencing specialists the temporary fencing shop a call on 1300 119 998 and we can help.

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