If you’re doing a hands-on home build, you may be wondering whether it’s better to buy or hire temporary fencing.

While hiring may seem like a convenient option, the cost and hidden fees can far outweigh the benefits. Purchasing your temporary fencing outright gives you full control of your temporary fencing which can then be upcycled and reused in creative ways around the home.


Reuse Your Temporary Fencing During Home Renovations

If you’ve built your own home, you’ll know that your work is never truly done – there’ll always be another project to take on.

Temporary fencing can be erected during home renovations and further construction work around your property to keep your children and pets safe from potentially dangerous environments. If you need to re-hire temporary fencing several times over, it can become expensive and inconvenient, especially when compared to the ease of having your own temporary fencing on hand when it’s needed.

It also means you can do your project in your own time, without worrying about extra fees or needing to re-hire fencing if your project takes longer than you initially thought.


Create A Private Hideaway in Your Garden

Sometimes it seems the backyard might be a kids-only zone – play equipment, sandpits and toys scattered across your lawn can make it hard to relax in your outdoor area. By purchasing temporary fencing and using a bit of creativity, you can create zones in your backyard, so your family can enjoy it in different ways depending on their needs.

Seal off a play area for the children using temporary fencing to help keep their toys and play equipment confined to one area. It also means you can be sure of your children’s whereabouts in the backyard and know they’re in a safe area.

Once you’ve figured out the kids’ area, it’s time to focus on your own area. Create a spot where you can go to relax and unwind. Think about adding features like a daybed or outdoor lounge and decorate your temporary fencing with climbing plants and fairy lights to create an outdoor atmosphere.

The beauty of temporary fencing also means you can keep the kids to their safe area and relax in your own spot – all while being able to keep an eye on what they’re up to!


Keep Your Family Pets Safe

Temporary fencing can be used to create simple and sturdy safe areas for your precious pets. If you’re doing work in the yard that you want to keep your dog away from, such as weed spraying, concreting or lawn seeding, you can easily fence off a safe area for your pooch.

When it comes to your feline companions, temporary fencing can be used to build a handy cat run for your kitties to explore at their leisure. Many councils across Australia impose curfews on pet cats to ensure they’re not wandering at certain times – particularly night – and some may even have a permanent curfew, meaning your cat must be on your property at all times.

Cats can be wily creatures and are good at jumping fences, so use temporary fencing to create an enclosed area for your cat to have some outside time in.


Temporary Pool and Spa Fencing

If you think you don’t need a pool fence because you’ve got a blow-up pool or spa, think again. Australian pool fencing laws (Australian Standard AS 1926.1-2012) require any temporary pool with more than 30cm of water in it to have a four-sided temporary safety barrier placed around it.

These rules apply to inflatable and above-ground pools, children’s paddling and wading pools, and spas, Jacuzzis and hot tubs.

Temporary fencing can be erected around your summer blow-up pool or spa to ensure the safety of your family and your neighbourhood – and if you’ve bought your temporary fencing, you won’t have the worry or expense about hiring it on an annual basis. Visit Homeone for more information on fencing requirements when setting up a pool in your home.


Create a Vertical Garden

Finding yourself short of space in the backyard but still want to create a vegetable or decorative garden?

Affix some terracotta pots or planter boxes to a temporary fence panel for your own vertical garden. You could plant herbs, succulents, decorative plants or even climbing veggies such as vine tomatoes. Vertical gardens are easy to maintain, easy to change up and experiment with, and are an excellent use of space when you don’t have a lot of room in your backyard.

If you’re planning on building an edible garden nursery in your backyard, combine your temporary fencing with scaffolding mesh to make a winning combo, creating a safe space for your plants to grow.


Create a Light Screen

If you’re looking for an innovative way to light the perimeter of your garden or outdoor area, temporary fence panels are the perfect way to do it.

Erect the panels along the areas you’d like to illuminate, then weave outdoor lighting through the wire. Solar fairy lights or lanterns will create the perfect whimsical look, so check out your local garden centre for attractive and durable options.


To purchase temporary fencing for your home, speak to the team at The Temporary Fencing Shop on 1300 119 998.

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