Looking for an outdoor advertising format that’s highly customisable, budget-friendly and can easily reach thousands? Printed shade cloth is the answer to your next advertising venture!

It’s flexible, it’s eye-catching and it’s cost-effective – read on to find out how printed shade cloth can boost your brand.

It’s budget friendly

Using printed shade cloth on your construction fencing is an affordable way to personalise your advertising and ensure excellent exposure for your brand.

It’s a low-cost option for outdoor advertising, with a return on investment easily outstripping other advertising options by a mile.

It has a high reach with a large audience

Shade cloth rolls are available in a variety of heights, lengths and widths, meaning you get to determine the size of your advertising.

Billboards or banners are often only available in pre-set sizes, but a roll of printed shade cloth means you can use it in areas other outdoor advertising mediums can only dream of reaching.

Shade cloth rolls are a great option for construction sites or sporting events – think of the thousands of people that walk past work sites every single day!

It’s also easily customisable, meaning creating your eye-catching branding for specific environments has never been easier.

It’s not just advertising that benefits from printed shade cloth

Shade cloth printed with your branding gives bang for your buck in more than one way – it’s great for stopping sediment and dust, making it popular on construction sites.

Printed shade cloth doesn’t just look good – it also means builders can keep debris and dust on-site while taking advantage of the foot traffic flowing past outside, advertising to potential customers – and potential future clients!

Shade cloth also allows 30% more air to pass through the sites, meaning it helps keep a building or large construction sites nice and breezy.

Not only that, but shade cloth also blocks about 70% of the sun, meaning extra shade for patrons when used at events – all while advertising your brand.

It’s eco-friendly and long lasting

Advertisers need to be environmentally aware and ensure their outdoor advertising is eco-friendly.

Printed shade cloth is made from UV-stabilised fibres, meaning the material is safe for the environment as well as long-lasting.

Good printers will use inks that are also UV-stabilised, so they won’t fade – that means harsh climates will degrade the cloth or the ink.

Quality ink will also be scratch and fade-resistant, making your printed shade cloth as good as it was on day one of your advertisement.

Design consistency

Do you find it frustrating when colours appear different on your computer screen to the final product?

Shade cloth is printed with digital printers, as opposed to screen-printing, which means your carefully-considered designs will be consistent and won’t vary dramatically.

Brand consistency is a vital part of advertising – with printed shade cloth, you don’t need to worry about colour inconsistencies jeopardising your hard work!

If you’re looking for printed shade cloth or banner mesh, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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