Here we breakdown the features and benefits of the two latest innovations in Fence Feet – the Premium Blowmoulded Fence Feet VS the Eco-Block – to help you choose which one is best for your business.

The Premium Blowmoulded Fence Feet are the bees knees of fence feet and will be your best choice for super high visibility and long life quality. They are safe, sturdy and will see you through for the long term.Premium Blowmoulded Fence Feet VS the Eco-Block – which is the best option for your site? | TTFS

What’s so good about them?

  1. Highly visible safety orange colour (with a 5 year warranty!), with UV and Anti-aging added to the plastic with Australian made masterbatch.
  2. Fully encased quality mould from premium grade plastic that won’t leave concrete on playing fields or car parks reducing environmental and safety issues.
  3. At a solid weight of 28kg’s, these feet can be used as anchor weights in marquees, tarps and anything else that needs to stay put in high wind.

The Eco-Block, on the other hand, is your best value for money option in temporary fencing feet, and will get the job done, whilst being easy to handle and good for the planet! These gems only require a one-person lift and are also easy to stack and store

Premium Blowmoulded Fence Feet VS the Eco-Block – which is the best option for your site? | TTFS

Lets take a closer look:

  1. Made from 100% recycled blowmoulded plastic our new Eco-Block is an innovative yet affordable option for your site.
  2. Patented stackable design allows you to stack blocks in varying configurations to ensure greater support.
  3. 20kg weight ensures easy handling.

Can we help you with more information or help you choose the best temporary fencing products for your business? Give us a call at 1300 119 998 and speak to one of our experienced TTFS specialists.

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