Custom printed outdoor signage is a high impact advertising method, not to mention dust control is a requirement for construction sites. They increase the awareness of your brand and are eye-catching to passing traffic and pedestrians. Custom printed signage is a cost-effective advertising option compared to other outdoor advertising types. Ensuring that you banner install is flawless is key to increasing the life-span of your banner.

We have listed 5 tips to the perfect banner installation on your temporary fencing:

1. The correct size

This step will help you avoid a banner that is too big or too small for your temporary fencing. The secret is to order a banner slightly smaller than your temporary fence panel. This will ensure a perfect fit that will not only provide a dust barrier between your site and the public but it will also create a high impact advertising platform that is clear and visible.

2. The best banner material for your requirements

Fence wrap is a legislative requirement, it is important to research the environmental needs of your construction site. For example, if you are in a high wind area, you will require a banner material that has a smaller woven thread count. The breath-ability will ensure that the banner will stay in place when high winds push against the fence.

By purchasing the best banner material for your requirements you will receive an end product that is not only suited to your construction environmental needs but will effectively advertise your branding clearly without the disruption of a moving banner.

3. The correct finish for your requirements

When ordering custom printed banners it is important to consider the type of finishing would best suit your needs. Environment factors can play a role in which banner finish is best suited to your site these include wind, purpose and longevity. The most common fixtures are Hemmed Edges, Welded Edges, Stainless Steel Eyelets and Button Holes.

4. The correct tools to install your banner

The fastest and most efficient way to install your banner is by either using a Jambro Gun or Cable/Zip ties. These are strong and easily placed through the holes on the banner.

5. The correct printing quality

Different materials have different print qualities. It is important to request the highest quality print for the material that best suits your requirements. This will ensure that your message, logo or even branding is an effective high impact advertising method.

At TTFS our custom printed outdoor signage is much stronger than your average domestic products. Our shade cloth is a knitted mesh using heavy duty monofilament thread of UV protected high-density Polyethene and printed using high-quality UV inks. Our Banner Mesh products are finished as a standard with a 50mm reinforced welded edge which ensures the perimeter is tear proof.

Our experts can help you in choosing the perfect material for your construction site or project, prepare your design for printing and assist with the process.
We will always provide you with digital proofs before we print your product to ensure you are happy before print.

Give our friendly experts a call on 1300 119 998 next time you require custom outdoor signage for your temporary fencing or construction site.

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